Clay Is for Ceramics, Not Spills!

Our team at Impact Absorbents loves animals. Many of the Impact family share their homes with dogs and cats. (With cats, it’s more correct to say they allow us to share the home with them.) And one thing we’ve learned from working in the spill clean up and spill containment field is that clay is great for ceramics. But it’s a terrible choice for cat litter — even more so for spill clean up!

Clay is a toxic substance for cats, humans — and spills. Here’s why:

  1. Clay makes more of a mess. Because clay is an adsorbent not an absorbent, it won’t soak up the spill; the liquid will just coat the clay, leaving an oily, wet film on the floor. Now you have an even bigger spill clean up problem!
  2. Clay is hot, and not just in August. When clay combines with biofuels, turpentine, vegetable oil or other unsaturated organic compounds (such as fish oil) it can generate heat — even fire. Then you’ll have a real hazard on your hands.
  3. Clay wrecks your machines. Because clay doesn’t absorb well, you need to leave it in place to “soak up” the spill. This means the clay and spill are likely to wind up where they don’t belong: all over the floor and in your machinery.
  4. Clay is cheap to buy but expensive to use. Clay is heavy. The average bag weighs 50 pounds, making it hard to apply and remove. And increased disposal and labor costs add up fast.
  5. Clay clogs your drains. Loose clay finds its way into everything — even plumbing.
  6. Clay contains harmful silica dust. Why expose yourself to a known health hazard? Have you read the label on a bag of clay lately? Here’s an example of the warnings:

In contrast, XSORB Universal Spill Clean-Up is: 

  • Available in small, easy to lift bags, bottles or buckets
  • Super absorbent, which means you use less
  • Completely non-toxic
  • FDA approved
  • Safe for landfill disposal
  • A time, labor, and money saver.

Why expose your health (and that of your coworkers, employees, and beloved pets) to clay, which is a hazard for people and cats alike, not to mention spill clean up? Safe, effective, economical XSORB is the spill solution that puts the world at your feet when it comes to spill clean up.

Still love clay? You must be an artist. See you in the pottery studio. We’ll fire up the kiln. 




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