Clay is for Pottery, Not Spills!

Clay. It’s a wonderful material for crafting pottery, and the base substance of many brands of cat litter. But clay is not an ideal medium for spill clean up.

What’s the scoop on clay and spill containment? Consider:

  • Clay takes 15-30 minutes to absorb a spill, leaving a hazardous condition for workers, drains and machinery in the meantime;
  • Clay can leave a slick residue, a further industrial hazard;
  • Clay dust may cause severe respiratory distress;
  • Clay bags can weigh up to 50 lbs.: difficult to lift and a further potential cause of injury;
  • Clay is cheap to buy but expensive to use and increased disposal and labor costs add up fast.

All of these cautions pertain to diatomaceous earth (D.E.) as well with the additional caveat that D.E. has been declared toxic by the N.W.F.F. Why risk subjecting your employees and customers to the noxious results?

In contrast, XSORB Outdoor Absorbent is:

  • Available in small, easy to lift bags or buckets from 6.5 to 25 lbs.
  • Super absorbent, which means you use less
  • Completely non-toxic
  • FDA approved
  • Safe for landfill disposal
  • EcoLogo Approved
  • A time- and money saver

So why expose your health, safety, business and the environment to a substance not intended for spill clean up? Let lightweight, powerful, safe and affordable XSORB Outdoor handle spill containment. That’s exactly what it was designed to do, which is why it does it so well. You might say XSORB Outdoor Absorbent is the purrrfect spill solution.

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