Clean, Green, Safe and Thrifty

Wouldn’t it be great to find a product or company that not only promised all of the above, but actually delivered? Impact Absorbents fits the bill. And while we’re a bit shy about tooting our own horn, we do want you to know how our environmentally friendly spill clean up and safety products can save you time, money, and headaches, all while keeping the planet healthy.

Here are a half dozen tried-and-true reasons to use XSORB:

  1. No muss, no fuss. Have you ever watched the hapless bucket brigade in a grocery store, wringing out mops or attempting to clean up a messy spill with paper towels, while customers have to avoid the area? Not smart, safe, or good for business. With XSORB, you just pour it on, mix, and sweep it away. Back to business, safely, in no time flat.
  2. Skip the slip. Damp floors are dangerous. So are broken glass and chemicals. With XSORB, no one ever has to lay a finger on the breakage or spilled liquid. And your business will save a bundle on slip and fall injuries.
  3. Inclusive. XSORB Universal formula can be used on everything (except hydroflouric acid). Even tough spills such as hazardous chemicals, oil, syrup, solvent, or paint are no match for XSORB Universal!
  4. Labor Saver. The average spill with oil takes approximately twenty minutes to clean up, from the point of identifying the spill type, setting out warning cones, closing off the area, retrieving the mop and bucket, removing broken glass or plastic, scooping up the bulk, repeatedly wringing and mopping, changing the mop water, and replacing the bucket. Using XSORB takes approximately five minutes from spill identification to a clean, dry floor.
  5. Self-esteem cleaner. Using XSORB is like sending your staff to a morale-boosting workshop. Nobody likes cleaning up a mess but XSORB is so fast, easy and effective, your employees won’t mind a bit. You might think of us as the self-esteem spill clean up company.
  6. Versatility. XSORB does everything it claims to do and more. It’s ideal for spills in kitchens, work areas, store aisles, check stands, walkways, refrigerator/freezers, restrooms, parking lots, and anywhere else spills take place. We apply 21st century technology to the old slip and fall problem, and in the process, create a much safer environment for both customer and employee.
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