Clean grocery stores use XSORB Spill Station kits

Grocery stores and marketplaces need to keep their facilities clean in order to pass state regulations – not to mention keep customers in their stores.

There are a lot of cleaning solutions required to keep a supermarket in good shape, but most should never come in contact with the food being sold. Unfortunately, spills occur from time to time, and wiping them up becomes an important task to eliminate accidents and food contamination.

Store owners can use the XSORB Spill Station. It is custom-made to hold granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent. The kit will leave floors clean, dry and residue-free in a matter of minutes. In each order, consumers receive the Spill Station rack, dustpan, brush set, disposal bags, the XSORB 6 qt. bottle and long-handled broom. 

Businesses need to provide their guests a clean facility to shop in. Grocery stores that are unmaintained and dirty will not stay in business for long. Therefore, having the best clean-up kit on the market can help a manager make leaps and bounds over the competition. Serving the public means keeping their hands clean when shopping for food. 

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