Cleaning Up Our Toxic Mess

Children have parents to tell them to clean up their mess. Out in the wide world, however, businesses need to be their own watchdogs. And spills happen at an alarming rate.

Every year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) responds to more than a hundred oil and chemical spills in U.S. waters that threaten life, property and our natural resources. Whether accidental or intentional, spills into coastal waters can harm humans and our environment, and disrupt marine transportation, creating potentially widespread economic impact.

“Impact” is something Impact Absorbents understands well; we’ve been dedicated to responsible spill containment and spill clean up for 23 years. We offer more than 40 products specifically designed for hazardous spill containment and spill clean up.

One excellent product for protecting our waterways is XSORB Select Oil Absorbent Bi-Boom, which removes all petroleum-based products in the marine environment, including holding ponds, boating areas, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind. Constructed of two oil absorbent socks for added absorption, and rope, netting and hooks for easy deployment and disposal. The Bi-Boom:

  • Is licensed as an oil spill clean up agent by the California Department of Fish and Game
  • Floats and repels water
  • Is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, like all Impact Absorbents products
  • Absorbs four times its weight: the 10-foot double-boom absorbs 20 quarts.

Another ideal product for marinas is FiberDuck Bonded Oil Absorbent Roll, whose extra absorbency makes it ideal for spills on water as well as land. While floating, our oil-only polypropylene absorbs all petroleum-based liquids, without absorbing a drop of water. The bright white color is highly visible, and the extremely durable heavyweight pads are perforated so you use only what you need, reducing waste.

We’re happy to help you do your bit to assist the NOAA in protecting our waterways and minimizing pollution’s impact on the future health of our planet and people.

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