Coast Guard called to contain oil spill in Georgia

The Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit was called to action in Savannah, Georgia, as reports of a fuel spill at Garden City Terminal on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, reports

Crewmembers employed at Colonial Oil Industries alerted the Coast Guard early on Tuesday, citing that a large vessel had experienced a fuel leak, reports the source.

At approximately 4 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), the Coast Guard arrive on the scene and placed a large boom to contain the spill.

Marine oil leaks have the potential to harm the environment, especially the animals who live in the nearby area. XSORB Oil Select Booms are absorbent devices that can soak up petroleum-based products in marine environments, including waterways, ponds, boating areas and sumps. The Coast Guard may be able to use an XSORB Oil Select Boom in Savannah to help contain the oil spill before it reaches land or affects the aquatic wildlife.

Oil leaks are sensitive situations that need to be handled with care. Having the proper absorbent devices on hand can help reduce the negative impact oil spills may have on the planet. The Coast Guard may want to use XSORB Oil Select Booms in their efforts to maintain the waterways in the United States.

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