Concerned residents question Florida environmental cleanup project

Florida residents have stepped up efforts to stop a soil erosion reduction project by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management division. The state proposed a three-tiered sheet pile system to stabilize an eroding area including Palm Beach County’s Cato Bridge Beach, according to

However, some local residents have expressed displeasure with the project, noting the system could block people’s access to the beach. Citizens have increased efforts to stop the project and may consider challenging the project with legal recourse if it receives approval from the state. The state will host a public hearing on March 20, 2012 to evaluate the plan.

Investing in a straw wattle can offer an environmentally hazard free answer to soil erosion. The product offers many features, which makes it a reliable solution people can use to control soil erosion quickly and easily.

Officials can use the straw wattle’s high-density netting that includes UV inhibitors to prevent sediment blockage around drain inlets. The device helps retain sediments on slopes as well – keeping soil in place to limit erosion effects. 

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