Cone Heads

If you were a fan of the old Saturday Night Live (since rebranded by its initials, SNL), you may recall a recurring skit featuring a small family known as the Coneheads: bald, pointy-headed extraterrestrials with odd speech patterns. The phrase “parental units” derives from these characters, as does a term for scrambled eggs that’s become part of the lexicon: “fried chicken embryos.” The Coneheads were also known to ingest items humans don’t typically eat, such as pencil shavings and cleaning fluid.

That’s the kind of humor Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, and Jane Curtin were known for. Their comedic genius is still pretty amusing 45 years later. But, as far as we know, none of these brilliant comedians had to clean up spills resulting from the Coneheads’ strange dietary habits.

So we recommend a slightly different type of cone: our Pocket Safety Cone. It probably won’t amuse you, but it will warn customers and staff away from spill mishaps, whether they involve breakfast foods or something Earthlings consider inedible. The bright orange color is the first line of defense against slip and fall accidents. Each cone folds flat and fits in the pocket of a smock or apron for quick deployment in a spill emergency.

Then you can reach for the easily accessible Spill Hero Spill Station with Super Squeegee Broom, made to clean up spills in a jiffy. The Spill Station holds our flagship Spill Hero Clean Up Absorbent 6-quart bottle, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, and of course the Squeegee Broom, which we think the Coneheads might have enjoyed.

With the Pocket Safety Cone in place and Spill Station at the ready, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries
  • Open aisles in record time
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%

So put the cone where it counts when a spill happens, because there’s nothing funny about slip and fall incidents, no matter what you see on TV.

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