Connecticut school avoids mercury damage with quick cleanup response

A minor chemical spill impacted an Abingdon, Connecticut, elementary school on March 8, 2012. Explore Harford reports a small amount of metallic mercury was discovered by school officials, but was removed by school officials immediately.

Harford County Public Schools Manager of Communications Teri Kranefeld told the news source the chemical was isolated and classes were not disrupted by the incident. School officials determined it was safe for people to enter the building due to the amount of mercury found.  A Hazmat team was notified of the spill and assisted with the institution’s environmental cleanup.

Mercury can cause short- and long-term damage to a person’s health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes people may be exposed to mercury under many different circumstances. However, cleaning up a chemical spill can reduce health risks.

The XSORB biohazard response kit provides a set of tools people can use to manage chemical spills. The package includes everything a person needs to complete a successful biohazard cleanup including protective gloves, paper towels and a facemask with eyeshield. Each item serves a purpose and gives people the opportunity to complete a chemical cleanup quickly and effectively. 

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