Cook dinner when it’s 95 degrees out? Bah!

Nobody wants to cook when the weather’s cooking you, which is why restaurants exist. But when eateries are cooking up a storm for all those hungry patrons, they may be cooking up an unplanned spill containment problem in the bargain: the fats, oils and grease (FOG) that accumulate.

If a restaurant stores this FOG on the rooftop, it can quickly become a fire hazard. Not to mention ruining storm drains and the environment. With more cities and states passing legislation aimed at protecting storm drains, a business could be liable for expensive fines.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has a deliciously easy solution: Grease Catcher. The revolutionary Grease Catcher System enables you to protect your kitchen roof from damage or fire by automatically catching and absorbing grease and oils that drip from the kitchen exhaust fan.

The Grease Catcher consists of hydrophobic, grease absorbing, fireproof “pillows” that adhere to EPA standards for absorbents. Once they capture grease and oils, leakage isn’t possible, even in a summer downpour.

The Grease Catcher System is also a snap to install: by following the easy instructions, your Grease Catcher pillows will soon be snuggled inside their Grease Catcher tray, an attractive and fully automatic alternative to a fire hazard. So restaurants can focus on what they do best: cooking up a storm, rather than unintentionally creating one.

And diners, blissfully unaware of the state-of-the-art spill containment solution in place, are just happy you’re doing the cooking so they don’t have to.

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