Couch Potato Power

It’s a new year, and for many people, that means resolutions. Making them. And breaking them. Getting in better shape tops the list for a lot of us.

A number of fitness proponents say (and demonstrate via videos) how someone can get in shape while sitting on their bed or couch. Watch that protruding belly or those overly ample hips become trim and thin with minimal effort!

Of course, you can’t be watching TV or snacking on chips at the same time. A couch potato is frequently more committed to potato chips than slimmer hips.

And this is why being committed to the right course of action is so important to success. If you’re absorbed in being a couch potato, make the shift to being absorbed with health and fitness. And spill containment.

Impact Absorbents can help with this shift. We provide pillows that will help a couch potato get in shape, by encouraging them to sprint into action: blocking that running liquid or catching a persistent leak, easily and effectively.FiberLink Universal,FiberDuck Oil Absorbent,XSORB Universal, andXSORB Select Oil Absorbentpillows are each available in several sizes for all of your spill containment applications.

After your spill containment and spill clean up exercise, you may want to grab gloves for a quick drive to the market to get some well-earned snacks.

Wait a second. Those aren’t the gloves you grab for a quick drive. They’rePowerGrab Gloves, latex coated and ergonomically shaped so you can get behind that counter or pipe and find and fix the source of the persistent leak. Just think what this spill containment exercise is doing for your flexibility!

We’re not a fitness center, but we can do our part to give couch potatoes a good workout. There’s no membership fee to join, either. Now you’re in better shape, with spill containment handled. You’re welcome.

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