Counting Your Tows

As children we learned to count using our fingers, and sometimes our toes. Many of us also learned the nursery rhyme, “This little piggy went to market,” which involved counting one’s toes.

As adults, however, we count a different kind of tows: those attached to trucks that respond to emergency road service needs. And we may worry about using up our tows, if we call for roadside assistance too often in a calendar year. It can sound peculiar to say, “I only have two tows left,” but if you’re a small business that relies on the services of a towing company during the slippery winter months, chances are neighboring businesses know exactly what you mean.

That’s why it’s smart to bring XSORB on board. With product lines including XSORB Super Absorbents, FiberLink and FiberDuck sorbents, ColdForm sorbents, recycled pads and spill kits, we can supply everything necessary to handle emergency response situations effectively. From tow companies to hazmat response teams, fire departments and police departments to highway departments, we’re prepared to help emergency response teams handle highway spills, vehicle accidents, and engine break-downs quickly, safely, and effectively.

So when you’re counting those you count on this new year, be sure to count Impact Absorbents among your first responders. We have the spill and safety solutions you need and that’s an uncountable asset.


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