Creating A Safe Harbor

Everyone wants to feel they have a safe harbor. For some people, this is a spouse or significant other they can trust to hold their deepest feelings. For others, it’s close friends who’ve seen them through thick and thin. Perhaps a spiritual group or community organization is your touchstone in time of need.

For environmental advocates (which really needs to be everybody these days!), a safe harbor is more literal: it pertains to keeping our waterways clean, green, and free from oil spills. Legally, a safe harbor is a statute or provision that specifies conduct within a certain standard.

But while the government can do its best to legislate behavior, ultimately it comes down to personal choice. And even with the best intentions, marine spills happen.

That’s why Impact Absorbents provides a host of harbor and marina spill clean up solutions. From oil absorbent booms, bilges and socks to oil absorbent pads, rolls and spill kits, we have what you need to clean up oil spills and other petroleum products from the water’s surface. Bilge and sump booms are an easy, economical way to clean water in sumps and reduce contamination in bilge discharge. Our marine spill kits supply everything you need to clean up and dispose of spills of oil and other contaminants.

So regardless of who functions as a safe harbor in your personal life, when you plan to be out on the water, be aware and be prepared to protect the environment. Our waterways are Nature’s largest and greatest resource. Protecting them translates into a safe harbor for everyone.

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