Decorating Your Clothes, Tastefully

Some people seem born to create. They buy an outfit at a thrift or consignment shop, break out the notions box, and before you can say “pearlescent buttons” they’ve transformed a lackluster shirt into a one-of-a-kind garment. Or they buy a pair of pants in the only color available in their size, a washed-out grey, and with some dye and lace, an indigo original with signature piping emerges. It’s definitely an art form.

Of course, some people prefer shortcuts: they simply spill food on their clothes (and the table, the floor, sometimes the walls) and when the stains don’t wash out, declare the splotches a form of creative expression.

At Impact Absorbents, we’re sympathetic. We’ve had those food and beverage spill moments, too. We’re also practical: that’s why we created our signature product, XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up. A six-quart bottle will absorb four to five quarts of oil, grease, syrup and sugary liquids you name it. Best of all, it’s completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, absorbing all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. And it’s FDA approved for use around food.

If you need to take your spill clean up or spill containment plan to the next level, order the XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom, which is custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent. All spill clean up items are easily accessible, making the Spill Station a great resource for retail and grocery stores as well as restaurants. Each Spill Station includes a rack, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, a Pop-up Safety Cone, the XSORB 6-quart bottle and a long-handled broom.

So if you’re one of those people who eats exuberantly, sharing your meal with the floor, walls and table as well as your clothing, XSORB has your back. Not your clothes, though. For that, you’ll need to see a dry cleaner and hope for the best.



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