Department of Agriculture launches soil erosion plan for U.S. croplands

American farmers will receive federal government assistance as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has created a soil erosion initiative, according to the Western Farm Press. The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) emphasizes helping farmers by protecting up to 750,000 acres of erodible cropland nationwide.

The initiative gives growers the opportunity to make highly erodible cropland profitable. Planters can receive financial assistance from the federal government to improve land areas by eliminating soil erosion. Farmers can join the plan by meeting federal eligibility requirements set by the USDA.

Planters may explore different options to find the best soil erosion solution such as a straw wattle. The item’s design helps it stand apart from other erosion control products.

The item reduces soil erosion and retains sediments on slopes by using a high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate netting. Each wattle features UV inhibitors that help keep soil in place and around drain inlets to prevent sediment blockage. The product meets Erosion Control and Sediment Retention and Slope Interruption Devices standards, offering an effective option against soil erosion. 

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