Diet Another Day

In these body-positive times, people of every shape and size are receiving approbation for simply being themselves. And that’s a positive sign. But even those who are rail-thin need to eat occasionally. And those who’ve decided to diet another day, or not at all, will also require food.

Unfortunately, this might mean a shirt you absolutely adore suddenly has a grease stain on the shoulder (how did that happen?). Or, celebrating your BFF’s promotion, the nachos were so effusive they jumped onto the floor. Mm-hm.

Don’t worry. While Impact Absorbents can’t promise such food-related mishaps won’t add a permanent pigment to your clothes, we can help with spill clean up on other types of surfaces, such as the event center, shop, grocery store or restaurant floor.

The best solution when you find yourself in the midst of a meal that leaves the table? XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up. Our 6-quart bottle absorbs four to five quarts of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. That’s 7.5 times more than clay and a lot healthier to use, too. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, our dry formula makes it easy to simply sweep away oil, grease, syrup and sugary liquids (diet soda?), and other type of spills, saving time, money and stress.

In the future, perhaps you’ll want to don workout togs for messy meals. It may not be fashion-forward, but you’ll be able to eat with abandon. Who knows: maybe sweats will become de rigueur for office parties.


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