Dining Out With Confidence

During the colder months, people may be less inclined to want to cook after a long day at work, which is good news for restaurateurs. However, nobody wants to hear the telltale sound of shattering glass or a cry of “oops!” that signals a spill in progress.

We’ve anticipated such circumstances. And we have a number of products to deal with spill clean up, safely and efficiently.

For instance: XSORB’s Universal Safety Spill Center Double Pack is prepared to do double duty to keep your establishment spill-safe, clean and dry. Our convenient, wall-mountable rack holds twenty FiberLink heavyweight bonded pads in a dispenser box, four FiberLink 48-inch Universal socks, a 6-quart container of XSORB Universal Spill Clean-Up, a Biohazard Response Kit, full-length broom, dustpan and short-handled brush, and disposal bags. That’s what we call being prepared!

Your team will appreciate how easy it is to dispose of the remains of tonight’s dinner, now gracing your eatery’s floor.

Sometimes the best solution to simply sweep spills away is our Super Squeeper Rubber Broom. Like a devoted Grandma in the kitchen preparing a family feast, the XSORB Super Squeeper does it all: one side is equipped with a squeegee to pull spills into a central location, while the rubber bristles on the other side get down deep into the spill for quick cleanup. These brooms, also like Grandma, are built to last: you’ll be using them three times longer than bristled brooms and ours can be washed and reused regularly.

So whether you’re expecting a crowd or just want to have top quality spill cleanup products on hand for every meal you serve, rely on XSORB to provide premium spill and safety solutions.

Now, go enjoy your own dinner. You’ve earned it!

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