Documentary on Deepwater Horizon oil spill hits silver screen in Los Angeles

A documentary film on the environmental impact of the Gulf oil spill makes its Los Angeles debut on November 12.

The film, “The Big Fix,” calls into question the efficacy of the federal government’s actions in containing the massive spill last year. It also focuses on what some scientists called the “second wave” of oil that spoiled the waters along the Gulf, as well as poisioned marine and wildlife.

Dr. William Sawyer, an independent scientist who has been monitoring the spill, said there is new evidence of fresh oil rising from British Petrolium’s Macondo Rervioir, the site of last year’s massive leak.

“The toxicological impact from additional oil plumes is alarming as many marine mammals and fish in that region are already critically stressed with immunological and reproductive dysfunction from PAHs and other total petroleum hydrocarbons we have been measuring within their tissues. Fresh petroleum is even more hazardous,” Sawyer stated. “There is an epidemic of respiratory, neurological and dermatological disease among BP petroleum clean-up workers and coastal residents who sustained chronic inhalation exposures to the BP fumes.”

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