Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk; Get Your Clean Up On!

Some phrases sound as if frustrated parents invented them (and since many of us here at Impact Absorbents are parents ourselves, we get it!).

For instance: “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” It conjures a dedicated stay-at-home dad serving his toddler a bowl of some nutrient-rich cereal and wholesome milk, and the child, looking disdainfully down from his highchair and noting the lack of sugary appeal, gleefully overturning the offering onto the clean floor. So much for healthy intentions. This is obviously an ancient struggle. The phrase has been in use since at least 1659, when it appeared in a book by historian James Howell, who wrote, “No weeping for shed milk.” We can help. While we don’t have any sure-fire system for getting finicky kids to eat what’s good for them, we never cry over spilled milk, because it’s easy to clean up.Keep a bottle or bag of XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up with your other cleaners or in the pantry, and you’re ready to simply sweep spills away. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, XSORB Universal absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. And it’s FDA approved for use around food. So even if you succumb to toddler pressure and cook something greasy or sugary and that ends up on the floor, too our Universal formula will easily handle the spill. Oil, grease, syrup, and sugary drinks are no match for XSORB. Some children may simply enjoy watching dad or mom continually clean up the spills they create. But you’ll have your revenge. Just wait until the toddler is a teenager and wants to borrow the car

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