Don’t Ditch the Drainage Protection!

Fertilizers, lubricants, grease, oh my! Winter run-off carries more pollution into storm drains than we may realize. And that affects the environment in a major way. It’s crucial to protect our ditches and drains from unwanted toxins. Ultra DrainGuard is one solution, keeping sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system with catch basin inserts that trap debris, grease, oil and other waste from storm water while allowing the water itself to drain through. Impact Absorbents even offers a recycled Ultra DrainGuard, which is equally effective and doubly environmentally friendly. Drain Protectors seal off drains from harmful elements and come in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs, from 18″ squares up to 54″ squares, as well as two large rectangles (18″ x 60″ and 36″ x 60″). We also offer round drain protectors. All Impact Absorbents drain protectors are lightweight, easy to use, ad compatible with a wide range of chemicals. After use, simply wash the Drain Protector, replace the plastic film, roll it onto the tube, and return the tube to the container. It’s now ready for future needs. Finally, consider Ultra GutterGuard to keep storm water from approaching drains. Designed for use during construction, the GutterGuard is a synthetic filter manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers. It’s available in various lengths and should be ordered two feet longer than the curb opening. It’s an easy, inexpensive Best Management Practice (BMP) for protecting curb inlets from storm water. So while nobody wants to find themselves in a ditch (or being ditched), paying attention to our ditches and drains keeps our soil, health and safety from draining away. Mother Nature and your community will thank you.

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