Don’t Fall for That

Falls can happen anywhere, and technology has never been more prepared to help. For example, seniors who fall risk breaking a hip, so a visionary French company designed sensor-lined footwear that will alert someone if an older person falls and needs assistance. These digital shoes are so smart, you can even lace ’em up using your smartphone!

Or suppose you’re in the construction industry, where fall hazards are an everyday concern. Companies that train businesses in the use of virtual reality can help prevent falls on the job. 

We appreciate these creative ways to address perennial problems, and have pioneered our own high-tech spill clean up solutions. When it comes to slick, slippery surfaces, our leading edge absorbents place Impact Absorbents at the forefront in our field. 

Our premier spill containment and spill clean up products have an unmatched cachet, because we go a step beyond sensing or simulating. We absorb the problem, instantly. 

For instance, our industrial solutions include a full line of absorbent pads, rolls, socks, booms, and spill kits. Granted, using a FiberLink Hazmat Bonded Heavyweight Absorbent Pad may not have the “wow” factor of smart shoes or practicing on-the-job moves with VR goggles; then again, they’re so easy to use, you can dispense with all that and simply vanquish the spill.

Or say you’re on an emergency response call, ready to don chemical splash goggles and ambi-dex disposable vinyl gloves. There’s no time to be virtual when an actual spill emergency is in progress.

So when you’re selecting spill clean up solutions, get real. Our product lines are effective, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. Don’t fall for anything less.

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