Don’t Fall Off the Mountain

Many years ago, Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine wrote a book called,Don’t Fall Off the Mountain. She wasn’t focused on erosion control, but the title is apt: in winter months, when the rains often cascade in sheets, it’s all too easy for soil to wash away unless it’s protected.

That’s whereJute nettingcomes in. Made from natural fibers, Jute stabilizes the soil and promotes the establishment of permanent vegetation on all types of slopes. It conforms to slope contours and surface irregularities, and stabilizes surface soil with thousands of tiny check dams per square yard.

Companion products include wood stakes, gravel bags, gutter guards and catch basin inserts.

Wood stakesanchor erosion control booms, enabling your erosion control products to work more effectively and also helping you to meet Best Management Practices (BMP).

Our maintenance-free, three-plygravel bagshelp you manage and control sediment, debris and hydrocarbon sheen in stormwater runoff. They’re easy to fill, stay in place when wedged against a road or curb, and are tough enough to withstand multiple impacts.

If stormwater does manage to reach gutters, it won’t take your soil with it. But it will still likely contain debris.Ultra GutterGuardis a synthetic filter that removes impurities before the water enters curb inlets.It’s the easy, inexpensive BMP for protecting curb inlets.

Finally, protect drains at the source withUltra DrainGuard Ultimate. This catch basin insertremoves waste from stormwater before it can become a problem in the water system. Exceeding 80 percent sediment removal efficiency, Ultra DrainGuard features strips of antimicrobial-coated X-TEX “tentacles” that hang from the bottom of the DrainGuard and become immersed in standing catch basin water, allowing contact with destructive bacteria.

So do your worst, Mother Nature. We know our customers will be prepared.

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