Don’t Hazard a Guess

There are times in life when guessing is good. Like on a game show. If you’re fortunate enough to be a contestant and you’re winning, when a question pops up that you don’t know the answer to, it’s worth hazarding a guess. You could be thousands of dollars richer if you’re right.

Or maybe you want to do something to show appreciation for your crew. Would they like dinner at a fine restaurant, or tickets to the play-offs? (Okay, trick question). But seriously, whichever reward you select, your guess is bound to let your team know they did a good job.

When it comes to waste management, however hazarding a guess is not a SPCC plan. Hazardous waste must be disposed of according to EPA guidelines. And when it comes to hazardous spills, the same holds true: you need to use appropriate spill containment and spill clean up products.

Did you know that blood and body fluids areconsidered biohazard spills,and require handling specific for potentially infectious waste? It’s true. Additionally, Impact Absorbents’ hazardous spill solutions neutralize and absorb acids and caustics, as well as poisonous common liquids such as pesticides, chlorine, and antifreeze.

Leftover paint requires solidification prior to landfill disposal, and XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener gets the job done easily and economically. Transfer chemicals and contaminated water are some other dangerous liquids that must be solidified prior to proper disposal. XSORB Super Absorbents have been proven effective in all of these situations.

So while we can’t tell you the answer that will win the jackpot if you’re ever on a game show, we can ensure you’ll never have to hazard a guess when it comes to hazardous spill clean up. Just keep the appropriate Impact Absorbents spill clean up solutions on hand for your particular needs, and you’ll be a winner every time.


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