Don’t Hit the Roof!

It’s not the 1950s, but grease is as common now as it was then. The difference is, back then grease gussied up a guy’s hair so he looked (and was) slick for a night on the town.

Today, hair is more natural. But grease still lurks all around town, on restaurant roofs. And that’s a very bad idea.

How to Stay Out of the FOG

If a popular eatery stores its excess fats on the rooftop, even a sunny day can quickly turn foggy, asFats,Oil andGrease create a fire hazard overhead.What’s worse, the greasy build up will then make its way into your drains, creating even more problems. In addition to a plumbing emergency, you may be liable for expensive storm drain pollution fines as well.

Fear not. Impact Absorbents has a deliciously easy solution: Grease Catcher. The revolutionaryGrease Catcher Systemenables you to protect your building’s kitchen roof from damage or fire by automatically catching andabsorbing greaseand oils that drip from the kitchen exhaust fan.

The Grease Catcher System is easy to install, lightweight, won’t rust, and includes special hydrophobicgrease absorbing “pillows” that are fireproof and adhere to EPA standards for absorbents. Once they capture grease and oils, leakage isn’t possible, even in heavy spring rains.

Each pillow should last three to four months potentially an entire season’s worth of spill containment made effortlessly efficient and effective.

So unless the ducktail makes a comeback, remember the ’50s fondly as a time when style meant something very different from today. And keep cooking grease where it belongs: safely captured and rendered harmless by the Grease Catcher System. That’s a good look for everyone!


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