Don’t Kick The Bucket!

Buckets don’t get much respect kicking one is a euphemism for dying! At Impact Absorbents, we agree: rather than kicking the bucket, use it for transporting XSORB Outdoor, a super all_purpose spill containment solution.

Our UN-approved bucket is a sturdy, weatherproof way to transport up to twenty pounds of XSORB Outdoor and with winter weather now in full-force, “sturdy” is what you want. This 6.5 gallon bucket (which comes with illustrated directions) is a superb companion for all types of work trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, municipality trucks, DOT trucks, or any other vehicle or application where you need a durable, reliable way to transport your absorbent. It’s like attaching a decal to your truck that says, “Have bucket, will travel.”

What are some of the ways a bucket full of XSORB Outdoor solves your spill containment and spill clean up needs?

  • Flexibility: XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose formula does what its name implies: handles all types of spills involving liquids and semi-liquids.
  • Not a “fair weather friend”: You can count on XSORB Outdoor to handle the spill, whether indoors or outside even in a light wind.
  • Made for volume: One bucket of XSORB Outdoor absorbs up to 10 gallons that’s six times more than clay!
  • Clean is green: Plus, unlike clay, XSORB Outdoor is powerful and non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • No downtime, no mess. A bucket of XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose saves labor, and that saves money.
  • Made to travel: The bucket is perfect for use in parking lots, on roadways, in entryways, work areas, and more.
  • Compliant: Our 6.5 gallon bucket meets FDA, EPA, OSHA, and USDA requirements of course.

So enjoy your handy bucket. Consider it a highly upgraded version of what you played with in the sandbox many years ago. You were simply prepping for indispensable spill clean up solutions, sometime in the future

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