Don’t Take Our Word for It…

Impact Absorbents has been helping businesses of every size and industry for more than 30 years. As we enter a new year, we thought we’d invite some of them speak for themselves:

Safety Professional at a Large National Retailer

I received a call from one of the test stores that has been using the Biohazard Spill Clean Up Kit. One of our employees got cut and was bleeding quite a bit. A fellow employee went and got the Bio Clean Up Kit and easily cleaned up the mess. 

Afterwards he told the store manager, “This is the first time I’ve ever felt truly safe cleaning up a biohazard spill.” The employees really love the kits. They enable them to stay safe and clean up spills with little to no risk.

Safety Manager, Costco #17

Spill Hero cleans up tough spills like cough syrup, cooking oil, and liquid soaps really well. Spill Hero is an excellent, cost-effective way to keep our building safe for employees and members.

Risk Management, Bashas’

The product left our floor completely dry and free from slippery residue…. It made the clean up of spills with broken glass much safer and easier to clean.

Risk Management, FedEx Express

Impact Absorbents has made it possible for me to realize immediate savings in product and waste disposal.

We hope you’ll start 2023 prepared for any unexpected spill clean up situation, by keeping the Spill Hero products appropriate for your business stocked where your staff can easily reach them. Because, while nobody goes looking for a spill clean up emergency, when one occurs, you don’t want to go looking for spill clean up supplies. The solution you need will be right at hand, with Spill Hero.

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