Drain Protection? That’s So Tacky!

We know tacky can be, well, tacky. But there are times when tacky is fantastic, such as when you need to protect a drain from storm runoff.

DrainProtector II is doubly tacky sticky on both sides so it forms a tight seal over the drain to keep liquids out. And while the square Drain Protector comes in eight different sizes, we recognize that sometimes circle gets the square. (If you’re a Boomer or older you’ll remember this phrase from the celebrity TV show, Hollywood Squares, in which stars served as live tic-tac-toe markers. You sort of had to be there. It wouldn’t look quite the same on a smart phone). When you need circular drain protection, we have that as well, in four sizes.

Whichever geometric shape drain needs protection, the Reversible Drain Protector II is the right Safety Seal solution. It’s constructed of solid polyurethane, and, since the seals are tacky on both sides, either side may be used as the drain protector. Talk about having your back!

DrainProtector II is compatible with a wide range of chemicals. Once your spill containment project is complete, simply wash the DrainProtector II, replace the plastic film, roll it onto the tube, and return the tube to the container.

Just remember: while tacky is super for drain protection, we suggest a touch of glam if you decide to appear on national television. When the game show host asks that question about drain protection, you’ll look spiffy as you correctly answer, “XSORB!”


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