Drive Time

Since the advent of texting, being on the road has become more hazardous than ever before. One ad shows a car and a truck on a collision course, with the caption, “What happens when you text and drive.” A sign in front of a fire station reads, “Type it. Talk it. Text it. Ticket.”

All of this is very bad news for motorists, although it does mean more calls for emergency response teams.

When emergency response is necessary, XSORB is ready, with XSORB Super Absorbents, FiberLink and FiberDuck sorbents, ColdForm sorbents, recycled pads, and spill kits that enable towing companies, fire departments, highway departments and police to handle emergency situations most effectively.

XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent sweeps away spills with an easy to use, non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry clean up formula. Even if the roadside attraction (read: rubbernecking motorists) involves oil, grease, paint, or high winds, XSORB Outdoor is up to the challenge.

XSORB will also sock it to spill containment with an XSORB Universal Sock, which prevents spills and leaks from spreading to sensitive areas such as walkways or drains. These socks are tough enough for caustic chemicals, and can contain and absorb up to four quarts of liquid spills or leaks. They’re not much good for cold feet, though.

The smartest move? During drive-o’clock time, park the phone and focus on the road. While our name is Impact Absorbents, we’d prefer to help you make a positive impact on spill clean up and spill containment at your workplace.

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