Duck, Duck, Goose! Fine Feathered Spill Clean Up

As a youngster, you probably played a traditional children’s game in which a group of kids sits in a circle, and one child walks quickly around the outside, tapping each child on the head and saying “duck”, “duck” until he or she suddenly cries out, “goose!” The “goose” must scramble up and chase the one who tapped him/her before that child reaches the empty seat in the circle. If he isn’t caught, the “goose” becomes the new tapper.

The game has been incredibly popular with children for generations, probably because kids love the element of surprise, chasing each other, and getting “home” safe. As far as spill containment goes, however, the element of surprise is no fun at all. You can’t duck a spill clean up emergency.

That’s why Impact Absorbents FiberDuck Socks are perfect for oil- or petroleum-based spills, on water or on land. FiberDuck Socks and Booms float even when fully saturated, making them a safe, efficient, effective and affordable spill clean up solution.

Similarly, our FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Booms create a barrier to stop any oil spill, and will float indefinitely. Because they rapidly absorb hydrocarbons such as crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline, you’ll be singing “Don’t Be Crude” while these Booms do the work.

Don’t let a spill containment crisis could make a goose out of you. Be sure you have our FiberDuck Sorbents on hand, because you want to win the spill containment game, every time.


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