Economy Woes? Try Economy Kits!

Worrying about the economy seems to be a national pastime, only not as enjoyable as baseball. Will our business turn a profit this year? Will I be able to afford to hire more staff? What’s going to happen with fossil fuel and our efforts to create a more sustainable planet? The concerns can start to spiral out of control.

Impact Absorbents has one solution to the economy: duck it. FiberDuck it, that is, with our Economy Kits. Or get linked in, with FiberLink Economy Kits.

Impact Absorbents’ FiberDuck Economy Oil Absorbent Spill Kit is designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to meet local and state law compliance. The FiberDuck Absorbent Socks and FiberDuck Heavyweight Sorbent Pads are hydrophobic and oleophilic. In plain language, this means they repel water and “love” oil. Each kit absorbs up to 4.5 gallons of the latter.

Our FiberLink Universal Economy Kit is similarly effective. FiberLink Absorbent Socks clean up spills on the spot: easily, effectively and economically. Each kit also includes ten FiberLink Sorbent Pads, temporary disposal bags and hazmat labels. The FiberLink Hazmat Economy Kit adds a pair of Nitrile protective gloves, a dust mask and pair of safety goggles

Let’s face it, people have been talking about the economy since cave dwellers were deciding how best to share a woolly mammoth with their neighbors. The economy will probably be a hot topic of conversation and concern as long as humans continue to produce goods and services. So why not take advantage of Economy Kits for spill containment and spill clean up? They’re cost-effective, long lasting, and get the job done right, every time.

That’s what we call a working economy!



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