Emergency crews deployed to contain chemical leak in New Jersey

In Carteret, New Jersey, emergency workers were called to try and stop a chemical leak that occurred on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at a Carteret fuel refinery, reports The Start Ledger.

The refinery released nearly 3,000 gallons of a combustible liquid. The spill happened at the BP Products refinery, where a tanker-truck was transferring the chemical reformate to another vehicle. Reformate is used in blending fuel products. The tank holds 3 million gallons of the solution.

Cleanup crews were deployed to contain and neutralize the spill. In situations where community safety is a main concern, officials may want to use an XSORB Xpress Hazmat Yellow Spill Kit. The kit includes XSORB Universal Absorbent, which instantly neutralizes harmful chemicals on contact.

Containing hazardous materials is vital for safety. Remormate is not flammable but is combustible. Cleanup crews need to act quick in order to restore order to the community. XSORB absorbent products are necessary for safe and efficient cleanup projects.

Community cleanup teams may want to stock their inventories with XSORB products to guarantee that chemical leaks won’t spread or become a greater concern to surrounding families.

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