Enbridge estimates Michigan oil spill cleanup will cost $700 million

The company responsible for a major oil spill in Michigan recently said that it will cost more than $700 million to clean up the mess.

The revised estimate was reportedly obtained from a Security and Exchange Commission filing from Enbridge Energy Partners, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette. The company previously estimated that it would cost about $585 million to clean up the spill.

“Our estimated cost to clean up the spill also includes what we’ve paid in claims and what we are forecasting based on the best information avail­able,” Enbridge spokeswoman Terri Larson said.

United Press International reports the oil spill occurred last July when the Lakehead oil pipeline ruptured near Marshall, Michigan, dumping 23,000 barrels of heavy oil into the Kalamazoo River and Talmadge Creek, according to Environmental Protection Agency estimates.

The Gazette reports that it will likely have to spend about $48 million to clean up an oil spill that occurred last September in Romeoville, Illinois.

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