EPA links fracking to groundwater pollution in Wyoming

The method of hydraulic fracking to improve productivity at oil and gas wells may be to blame for leaks that can cause groundwater pollution – so says a new study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In a draft report, the EPA said the practice of fracking, which involves pumping pressurized water, chemicals and sand underground to improve oil and gas flow, has caused compounds to leak into the water supply beneath the Wyoming town of Pavillion, according to CBS News. It’s the first time the agency has linked the controversial practice to groundwater pollution.

Meanwhile, another new report has found that natural gas companies that use fracking disclose potential risks to shareholders, but not to nearby landowners.

The report by the Washington-based Environmental Working Group said that thousands of landowners may not understand how their health could suffer serious harm from a number of potential problems associated with fracking, including spills and explosions. Top products from Impact Absorbents including XSORB Universal Sock can help prevent spills and leaks from spreading into sensitive areas.

Both reports could have a significant impact on regulations involving fracking, which recently has unlocked large areas of gas deposits along the Eastern Seaboard.

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