EPA: More oil spill cleanup methods need to be used at Kalamazoo River site

More than one year after 800,000 gallons of oil spilled into Michigan’s Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River, the Environmental Protection Agency says that more work needs to be conducted to clean the site.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the EPA recently sent a letter to Enbridge Energy, the company being held responsible for the July 2010 spill, which reportedly came within 80 miles of Lake Michigan.

In the letter, the federal agency states that oil can still be found along the banks of the river as far as Morrow Lake, with sediments showing signs of contamination in areas that were previously thought to have been cleaned up.

Enbridge has said that it expects to spend a total of $700 million on the entire oil spill cleanup, without including costs for fines related to its pipeline breaking, according to the news provider.

Using a variety of oil spill cleanup methods can be critical when it comes to fully decontaminating water sources such as the Kalamazoo River, and products such as Impact Absorbents’ Select Oil Spill Kit can aid this process significantly.  

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