Erosion concerns West Texas farmers during severe drought

An extreme drought has forced West Texas farmers to consider new erosion control products to avoid long-term land issues. reports growers have been forced to use water in a futile effort to protect their crops.

“We had to keep pumping water when we knew it was a lost cause,” West Texas farmer J.O. Dawdy told the news source. “I knew it was a waste. Everybody knew it was a waste.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has supported the region by providing federally subsidized crop insurance through its Risk Management Agency, according to the news source. However, the 16-county groundwater district will pursue additional measures to protect their crops moving forward.

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that can lead to lower surface water quality and reduced crop production. Farmers can reduce erosion concerns with jute netting, an inexpensive product available to farmers nationwide.

The product stabilizes land and promotes permanent vegetation on all types of slopes by conforming to contours in the land and surface irregularities. The netting is made from all-natural fibers and is easy to use, limiting soil erosion damage in any area. 

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