Erosion impacting Florida beach following recent storms

Erosion is reportedly taking a toll on the beach at Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida, with lifeguards and local residents feeling the effects particularly following a recent batch of storms.

According to local NBC affiliate WPTV, lifeguards have been forced to hammer stakes into the ground as the erosion has not reached new levels. Jupiter resident Christina Rivera told the news source that the erosion is also hurting the overall appearance of the beach.

“It’s not a good thing to see, I’m a native Floridian as well so I grew up on these beaches so I love to come and see them,” Rivera explained. “As I walk down here today, I’m just like, you know, this is an issue for sure.”

Leonard Pittler, another local resident, called it “disheartening” that the recent storms could have caused so much damage and eroded the beach so drastically, reported the news source.

Palm Beach County commissioners are reportedly considering spending millions of dollars for breakwaters off some of the beaches in order to curb the erosion, WPTV said.

In addition to methods such as these, erosion control products such as Impact Absorbents’ Straw Wattle for Erosion Control can help limit the damage by keeping soil in place.  

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