Erosion of North Dakota river bank raising concerns among residents

Homeowners in Morton County, North Dakota, were forced to spend their summers fighting floods, and many are now concerned that the banks of a local river are still eroding.

According to local NBC affiliate KFYR, the waters have already swept away two homes in Mandan, leaving many residents left to wonder if their houses could be next.

Ron Tokach, for instance, lives just three houses away from a summer cottage that was uprooted and sent down the river during the flooding. He told the news source that his property nearly suffered the same fate, but a log that was deposited helped keep it in place.

In terms of the erosion, Morton County officials have reportedly been examining ways to preserve the remaining river banks, but funding could be an issue since emergency disaster assistance may not be available for at least a year. This, residents say, may be too long to wait.

One way to help prevent erosion is by using Impact Absorbents’ Straw Wattle for Erosion Control, which can retain sediments on slopes to hold soil in place.  

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