Erosion played a role in Nebraskan oil spill

Over the weekend, two Magellan pipelines, located in southeast Nebraska, were involved in a petroleum spill, leaking about 2,834 barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, reports a spokesman for Magellan Midstream Partners.

The spill occurred when a bulldozer that was removing trees and brush from the nearby land drove over the exposed pipes, creating a leak. When the pipeline was constructed in the early 1950s they were placed well below the surface, but due to soil erosion over the decades, the pipes became exposed and vulnerable for leakage.

Erosion control is vital for a number of industries where important assets are buried underground and need to be protected.

Impact Absorbents provides state-of-the-art Jute Netting that is made from natural fibers. The erosion control device stabilizes the soil and promotes vegetation on all types of inclines or flat lands. The Jute Netting molds to any environment, which makes it a versatile option for organizations like Magellan that need a fast-acting device to prevent further erosion from playing a part in oil spills.

Organizations can keep their land intact by using Jute Netting from Impact Absorbents. It is an affordable erosion control device that helps keep businesses operational without any major environmental incidents. 

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