Erosion threatens a home in Canton, Georgia

A single mother of two living in Canton, Georgia, is experiencing problems with her own backyard, CBS Atlanta reports.

“It’s a hazard, in a nutshell it’s a hazard,” Sonja Peerman, the homeowner, said to the news source. “The problem started with a drain pipe, so if it would have been buried properly then maybe we wouldn’t have had these issues in the first place.”

As a whole, Peerman’s backyard is collapsing off of a ledge as serious erosion problems continue to wear away at her land. The damage began at her outer fence, but has slowly crept up to the foundation of her home and is beginning to create greater safety concerns, the news source reports.

The property was purchased almost six years ago, and shortly after Peerman moved in the land began to erode. She complained to the builder, but the company had since gone out of business, so she turned her attention to the city of Canton, which was unable to provide assistance.

Erosion damage can create significant concerns for homeowners, as land that begins to deteriorate can put a structure in a compromised position. Fortunately, juke netting is an easy-to-use erosion control product that stabilizes soil and promotes vegetation growth on all types of slopes. The material conforms to the contours of the land and is effective in keeping soil in its place for long periods of time. 

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