Even small leaks need fast solutions

In early December, a leaky valve connecting two ammonia tanks at Osmose, a wood-preservation plant, located in Millington, Tennessee, brought more than 20 firefighters to the scene after neighbors complained of breathing difficulties, reports the The Commercial Appeal.

Eventually, after community members were monitored for blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs, no one required additional treatment, reports the source.

The leak, which was not extreme enough to close the plant, was quickly contained by officials.

In situations where toxic chemicals have leaked into public space, an absorbent device is necessary to quickly resolve the sensitive situation.

The XSORB II Super Absorbent Encapsulator Packet 2 oz. can be an effective tool to use when working to contain a chemical leak. The device absorbs spills and holds liquid up to 14 times its weight, which helps to fix any leak, big or small.

When it comes to providing a safe community for families to live in, officials need the most trusted and effective products to aid them in their efforts. XSORB absorbent products are non-leaching and eco-friendly, which helps improve the quality of life for everyone in the area. 

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