Facemasking the COVID-19 Challenge

Since 2006, Facebook has been the dominant word beginning with “face” in the global lexicon. But in 2020, it’s been supplanted by a radically different type of “social network”: facemask. And while Facebook has had its share of troubles with private information accidentally going viral, compared with the current viral phenomenon, digital corruption seems rather tame.

As we continue to shelter in place, venturing out only for necessities such as food and toilet paper (if you haven’t yet enjoyed some of the hilarious videos that serve as wonderful stress reducers during the pandemic, look them up on YouTube), it’s imperative that everyone has at least one facemask they can wear, and then clean for the next use.

While many people have gotten creative with bandanas and scarves, it’s ideal to have an actual facemask available. At Impact Absorbents, we’re doing our best to help. 

We’ve been supplying large volumes of facemasks to the health care and grocery/retail markets. After all, spill clean up and spill containment, by definition, often require protective gear, so facemasks are a staple of our business. We created a “how to use” document for the proper way to put a facemask on and take it off to eliminate contamination. 

You might scoff at being instructed on how to don and doff a mask. Then again, we’ve never had so many videos and blog posts demonstrating the proper way to wash our hands before, either. A little how-to is better than a lot of “uh oh”.

Please follow the simple steps outlined below. Stay safe, and take heart. As the sign on a movie marquee notes, “This is just intermission. We’ll see you soon.”

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