Fall Back But Don’t Fall!

We’ll set our clocks back to standard time at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1st. But even before then, the days have grown noticeably shorter as the Earth turns toward winter. Less light means more travel to and from work and other activities in the dark, increasing the risk of potential accidents (especially if people continue to text while engaged in every other waking activity!). While Impact Absorbents can’t control people’s mobile device habits, we can make life safer in a wide range of industries. Municipalities preparing for a wet, El Nino-fueled winter may want to stock up on XSORB EDGE Aggressive Absorbent, which cuts through liquids, lifting them from the surface to allow the maintenance team to easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills, leaving asphalt and concrete surfaces clean and dry, not slippery. Welcome news for those early morning joggers and commuters. City managers can also protect soil from sloshing onto roadways and blocking drains with our 100 percent certified California rice straw wattles, which reduce soil erosion and retain sediments on slopes, using high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate netting with UV inhibitors. A pallet of 12 is economical, and meets all California state specifications. If you’re on the road, one of the simplest and smartest products to stow behind your truck seat or cab is a portable spill berm to catch those unexpected leaks and spills. Designed for compact, rugged spill containment, our spill berms are made of durable polymer enhanced with a special coating compound that withstands and remains useable at temperatures as low as -65F and as high as 130F. The spill berm will also stand up to hot automotive fluids, and can be pre-fitted with a disposable absorbent pad for fast and easy clean up. As winter approaches, we can do a lot to help keep your business and customers safer. And by preventing falls, we’re protecting those ubiquitous phones and portable media players, too.

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