Feeling Drained? Try This.

Now that we’ve gotten un-used to bringing our reusable bags to grocery stores, become accustomed to everyone mimicking health care professionals (or perhaps bandits — notice how similar the word is to bandana?) with their facemasks, and sheltering in place for two months or longer in many areas, it’s understandable that drain protection might not be the first priority this spring.

Yet if you feel drained by what’s been happening, we have good news: you can still protect Nature, which is crucial for all of our long-term survival.

Construction contractors are often included among essential businesses during the lockdown, especially if their work relates to utilities, telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare infrastructure. While businesses are of course modifying their work to incorporate frequent hand washing, wearing gloves at work if possible, and social distancing on site, one of the best products construction workers can bring to the job site is a DrainProtector II Safety Seal Square

Lightweight and easy to use, the reversible DrainProtector II Safety Seal forms a tight seal to block out liquids. A simple spill containment solution, it’s made of solid polyurethane, compatible with wide rage of chemicals, with tacky seals on both sides, so either side can be used. After using, simply wash it, replace the plastic film, roll it onto the tube, and return the tube to the container for future needs.

In these extraordinary times, it’s understandable that we’re all feeling somewhat drained, particularly if our job means we’re on the frontlines, working to help protect both people and planet. Fortunately, this handy spill solution is one simple way to keep our environment and waterways safe as we slowly embrace a new normal. 



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