Feeling Sedimental? Get Gravelly

Okay, we admit we have a thing for puns. But sediment is not funny (or punny), and with the winter we’ve just had (and in many areas are still having… that groundhog saw his shadow), it’s imperative to control runoff.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has just the spill containment item you need if sediment, debris and other unwelcome hitchhikers in storm water runoff threaten local storm drains: gravel bags. We know that you pun lovers are already thinking up puns about gravelly voices and so on, but let’s focus on the gravel bags for now.

These three-ply solutions are maintenance-free, easy to fill, and stay in place when wedged against a road curb. And they’re tough enough to withstand multiple impacts, which can be helpful for the way some folks drive these days, as well as for the onslaught of sediment.

So if you’re feeling sedimental about the atmospheric river this winter unleashed on California, or you’re enjoying the snowpack that’s made ski season phenomenal for winter sports enthusiasts everywhere, remember to curb your excitement with gravel bags. See what we did there?

And if you love to sing but can’t carry a tune in a bucket, please save that gravelly voice for the shower, and use the gravel bags outside for serious spill containment.. The environment and those around you appreciate the effort.


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