Fire! What to Do When Your World is Burning

It was a hot summer in California, and we’re not referring just to the temperature. Lake County and surrounding areas have been devastated by wildfires that have destroyed homes, businesses and landmarks, such as Harbin Hot Springs. Many families were forced to flee with just the clothes on their back.

In emergencies such as these, we appreciate our first responders more than ever. The firefighters who fearlessly risk their own lives to save others and preserve property are to be commended for their courage and commitment, as are the hazmat response teams, police and other emergency crews who step into the flames, literally and figuratively, to help those in crisis.

Impact Absorbents contributes to the rescue efforts with a wide array of product lines, including XSORB Super Absorbents, FiberLink and FiberDuck sorbents, ColdForm sorbents, recycled pads, and spill kits. We’re as dedicated as the emergency teams to supplying everything necessary to handle these situations effectively, with maximum containment.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost so much in this year’s fires. We’re glad quick response has saved lives, homes and businesses wherever possible. Nature will gradually regenerate the charred landscape. And we hope that, like the mythical phoenix, the resilient people affected by these wildfires will likewise begin to rebuild their lives, becoming even stronger than before.

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