Firefighters respond to hazardous pool chemical spill in Florida

Firefighters in Delray, Florida, recently responded to a residence where a hazardous pool cleaning chemical was spilled, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The news source reports that fire-rescue officials were dispatched to the scene and discovered containers with muriatic acid and chlorine. Lieutenant Curtis Jepsen told the news source that the container with muriatic acid had spilled onto the ground near the front lawn, while the chlorine was leaking out of another bucket.

Jepsen added that while muriatic acid is used to control pH balance in the pool, when the chemical is combined with chlorine outside of the water, the mixture can be a hazard risk to individuals in the area.

According to the lieutenant, people were asked to stay inside of their houses while the chemicals were sealed and the spilled substances were washed away. No one was injured as a result of the chemical spill, the news source said.

Local NBC affiliate WPTV reported that once the area was cleaned, HAZMAT teams were able to get normal readings on all monitoring equipment.

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