Flooding and erosion alter the look of the Sabine River

Erosion and flooding has plagued the town of Beauregard Parish, Louisiana, as a local river has eaten away land and crossed onto roadways.

Recently, citizens living near the Sabine River have experienced numerous floods, and water and erosion have changed the look of the land, reports KPLC.

Paul Ringo, a local neighbor living north of Merryville off Mouth Of The Creek Road, has been a victim of flooding, as water has eroded the ground next to his home and exposed a water line, the news source reports.

The Sabine River has damaged land near its shore, and local residents have noted the altered look of their town. However, officials may be able to prevent further damage with erosion control products.

A three-ply Gravel Bag can help manage and control sediment, debris and hydrocarbon sheen in stormwater runoff. These products can be filled with gravel and wedged against a road curb to prevent flooding from removing necessary soil and land from local roadways near sensitive waterways.

Town officials who want to resolve erosion concerns may want to arm themselves with products they can use to prevent further damages in the future.

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