Florida officials weigh costly Jupiter Beach restoration project

Officials and residents of Jupiter Beach, Florida, are trying to determine who should pay for a costly project to shore up the area in order to prevent more localized erosion.

Jupier Inlet District recently voted against the county’s request for a $300,000 contribution to the project that would use sand to build up dunes along a 1.2-mile stretch south of the Jupiter Inlet, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The nine-week project must be completed before February 28 in order to prevent further damage to turtle nests in the region. Powerful erosion in recent weeks in the area has closed Carlin Park to swimmers and damaged the Juno Beach Pier.

Leanne Welsh, program supervisor for the county department of Environmental Resources Management, said unless communities share the cost now, there will be fewer dune restoration projects approved in the future. Control products from Impact Absorbents such as Ultra Gutter Guard and Gravel Bags, can help prevent further damage caused by erosion.

Many officials who are opposed to spending the $300,000 say that property owners on the beach should be assessed to help pay for a portion of the project.  

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