Food Fun As Summer Wanes

Summer’s winding down, the kids are (almost) back in school, and it’s the last gasp for picnics, barbecues, family gatherings, college departure celebrations all the hallmarks that make summer the season everyone looks forward to all year.

End of summer is especially enjoyable for grocery stores and restaurants, because nobody wants to cook when it’s sweltering outside. Summer salads rule. So shoppers are stocking up on your delicious fruit offerings: watermelons, sweet cherries, grapes, blueberries splat! That watermelon was heavy. And now it’s all over your formerly nice, clean floor.

Slip and fall accidents in supermarkets are the number one cause of both employee and visitor injuries. Which is why it pays to have a spill response plan in place to anticipate and respond to spill emergencies.

Fortunately, XSORB offers an array of products to aid in spill containment and spill clean up that are far more effective than a mop and bucket.

One of our most popular products for grocery and food service businesses is the XSORB Spill Caddy Complete. This one-stop spill clean up solution includes all the spill clean up products necessary to clean up one hundred 8-oz spills. Each Spill Caddy doubles as a caution cone and includes a secondary cone to mark off a spill from both sides. You’ll find this kit meets the needs of every kind of leak, drip or spill your facility may encounter, including watermelons that land on the floor rather than in the cart. And the extension handle makes it easy to maneuver.

So don’t sweat the fruit displays in these hot weeks leading up to fall. You’ve got bigger fish to fry. There’s never any need to sweat the small stuff when Impact Absorbents is on the job.


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