Foodies: Spill It, We’ve Got Your Back

Spill it. It’s an expression that encourages someone to share something they’ve been keeping close to the vest: a budding relationship, perhaps, or a secret they’ve promised not to divulge.

We understand. If mum’s the word, you need to honor that.

But a lot of times, you spill it without meaning to. Not the secret, but the soup, or the sauce, or the coffee, or the crumb cake. Sometimes food just leaps off the plate or out of the bowl or cup, onto your clothes, the table, the floor.

We don’t think this is exactly what people mean when they refer to themselves as foodies. However, we do have the solution, in spades.

For instance: the XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit. Easy to use, convenient and effective, the kit fits under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws. So if much of your eating takes place on the road because you refill propane tanks for a living, for example, or work as a digital business nomad, you’ll be prepared to immediately vanquish a spill in your car, truck, or client conference room. The latter is especially important for repeat business.

If you manage a restaurant or grocery store, the XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeezer is an excellent choice, and not only because it’s fun to say, “Quick! Get the Super Squeeper!” Compact and easy to use, this Spill Station includes a rack, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, the XSORB six-quart bottle and a Super Squeeper broom.

So whether it’s you or your customers who eat somewhat exuberantly, sharing a meal with the floor, walls and table, Impact Absorbents has your back. As for that secret you agreed to keep? Simply scrub it out of your awareness. There you go. Clean and shiny, just like the floor.



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